Photography workshop in Denmark

Last weekend I traveled down to Denmark for a Nature Photography Workshop hosted by Morten Hilmer.

The workshop was held at Skandinavisk Dyrepark¬†just outside Kolind. The park was still closed for the season and we got to experience the animals during their “vacation”. The park has few animals with large areas for them to roam in. This is one of the best animal parks I have visited.

During the workshop we went through composition and techniques related to nature and wildlife photography. There was plenty of crows and Red Kites around in the parks woodland. I got some great shots of the Red Kites playing in the wind.

I got to know my camera and autofocus system pretty good. The hit-rate for shoots went up during the workshop and I got a good understanding on how to use the cameras advanced systems. Canon has given out a manual for the autofocus system that is worth reading for all Canon users. It can be found on the Canon CPN website. Even though this covers the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II, the system is the same for 1D X and 7D Mark II. Getting to know your camera helps you getting the shots you dreamed of catching.

Below are some of the results from the workshop. More images will be posted here and on my 500px account.


Steller’s sea eagle portrait

Polar Bear portrait by Bernt-Inge Madsen on

Siku the Polar bear

Red Kite hoovering by Bernt-Inge Madsen on

Red Kite hoovering


Steller’s sea eagle hunting


Steller’s sea eagle

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